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The Need to Delegate: Outsourcing Your Recruiting Process

The environment in which we work today is not the economy of our grandparents or our parents. It isn’t even our economy of the past decade or two. Instead it is a globally competitive marketplace that changes and evolves every single day. It is dominated by ideas that are no longer constrained by time or space. In an instant, a

Beware the Counteroffer, Part 2: Tips for Employees

In our last post, we discussed best practices for current and potential employers when extending or competing with counteroffers during the recruiting process. Now we’ll turn our attention to current and potential employees, and provide advice for individuals who may receive counteroffers while they are being recruited by other organizations. As with employers, it is critical for employees to understand

Beware the Counteroffer, Part 1: Advice for Current & Future Employers

In the world of executive recruiting and top-tier talent acquisition, the counteroffer can be one of the best defensive tools in the arsenal of a current employer and one of the greatest challenges to a future employer. Furthermore, it can put a candidate in an untenable position between the two (which we will discuss in our next newsletter) and can