Restructuring & Reorganization


Schaffer Associates helps you structure your organization to give you the competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Organizational SYNERGIES

Our proven expertise and the scope of our experience enable us to advise clients on how to effectively structure or reorganize even the most complex sales and marketing teams.

Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to help our clients achieve market diversification and optimization.


As an organization seeks to structure itself in the most efficient and effective manner, Schaffer Associates plays a key role in the realization of successful growth and operation in the current economic climate.

Schaffer Associates provides an outside, objective perspective that is enhanced by our extensive knowledge and expertise, and which provides our clients with strategies to operate successfully.

Marketplace VIABILITY

We provide our clients with a comprehensive evaluation of their organizational structure, employing both qualitative and quantitative measurement tools.

By delivering a thorough, comparative analysis of the organizational dynamics of successful competitors in similar industries and sectors, we give our clients valuable insight into their own strengths and weaknesses relative to the industry. Our clients walk away with all the tools they need to have the competitive edge in the marketplace.

Testing & Assessment


Schaffer Associates enables clients to make personnel decisions based on data-driven, objective, and in-depth insights.

As part of Schaffer Associates’ complete service to our clients, we offer a variety of testing and assessment programs that enable you to make the business of talent acquisition more effective, data-driven, and predictable.  Our programs include assessments that involve personality profiling, job matching, interviewing techniques, and individual and team evaluations.

Here is just a sampling of what our programs can do for you:

  • Identify motivating factors for individuals
  • Provide “job-matching” data
  • Provide the foundation for every aspect of developing an employee’s potential, both now and into the future
  • Enable you to make better informed hiring and management decisions
  • Encourage existing teams to engage in higher levels of cooperation
  • Create high performance teams
  • Provide insight into the dynamics of communication within a team