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Leading Building Products Supplier Seeks Regional Managers

Leading Building Products Supplier Seeks Regional Managers


[POSITION FILLED] Schaffer Associates is recruiting for multiple Regional Managers for a leading building products supplier with locations throughout the West and Southwest. Each Regional Manager will be actively engaged in multi-unit management, assisting branch managers in improving the sales and profitability of regional locations with a specific focus on a builder clientele.

For more information, contact Jacqueline Schaffer Shaw at or (704) 535-9939.



    • Responsible for the general health and welfare of all employees, customers and those in public contact with our operational services within the established guidelines of safety processes, policies and regulations.
    • Responsible for ensuring that safety and regulatory related training is instituted and effective both initially and when circumstances require re-training.
    • Responsible for the administration and effectiveness of the field safety program in its totality to include:
      • Attending and presenting meetings as required
      • Participating in and administering pro-active measures to monitor and provide visibility of expected safety behaviors.
      • Holding all personnel accountable for compliance and reasonably safe behavior through communication, training or discipline as warranted.
    • Direct the budgeting process by market and assesses the subsequent execution.
    • Sets actionable direction by market to achieve desired sales results and to meet continuing opportunities.
    • Helps identify proper characteristics for sales personnel and sales management and assists in developing skills and competencies as needed.
    • Recognizes characteristics and competencies best suited for critical positions in the field organizational structure.
    • Uses tools processes and common metrics to effect results and behaviors that are based on consistent expectations for critical field management and sales positions.
    • Oversees positional development in field operations responsibilities with particular foresight regarding supervision and continuing leadership to sustain regional and company growth.
    • Using established factors within the budget, key performance indicators and processes, assess each branch or responsibility on a continuum to identify achievement and opportunity.
    • Uses the factors described above to be proactive in setting expectations and providing support in measurable time frames to achieve expected operating results in all branches of responsibility.
    • Takes responsibility for inventory levels of each branch in the region that meet market and sales strategy objectives, cash objectives and oversees processes for asset protection.
    • Achieves the above through best business practices established by the company, audits and collaborative work with administrative resources.
    • Manages credit to achieve sales and cash management objectives by auditing the field and participating in open and active dialog with administrative finance and credit resources to include collaboration with senior leadership to find creative and mutually agreeable security that allows for sales in variable circumstances found in the distribution link of the supply chain.
    • Responsible for setting a standard of maintenance and sustaining it in all branches of responsibility.
    • Uses personal observation and administrative audits to keep safety, risk management, asset protection/maintenance and security at expected and functioning levels.
    • Conducts on-site assessments to ensure that processes designed to protect assets are in place.
    • Uses the communication, training and discipline models as appropriate to establish branch level ownership of assets and to insure expected protocols are in place.
    • Follows up on memos, process changes and other communications related to asset security, safety, risk management and regulatory requirements to ensure they are executed.
    • Stays current on company processes and objectives by actively reviewing communications and insuring that messages are decoded at proper levels in the field.
    • Actively seeks collaboration with administrative resources to understand and support objectives.
    • Must be a consistent and effective communicator in written and verbal medium.
    • Understands how to use Company values in a dynamic work place with variable circumstances and uses these parameters to guide behavior fairly and consistently.
    • Sets and example of leadership through consistent interaction with branch managers and field supervision.
    • Sets an example of time management and consistency by following an agenda and using well established metrics and competencies as a guide.
    • Accepts and directs accountability by focusing on goals and objectives and administers a measured path to achieve them.
    • Reacts fairly and consistently with direct communication for the achievement of goals and in circumstances where the branch or individual falls short.



  • Associate’s Degree from a two-year college or equivalent experience.
  • Knowledge of finance, economics, accounting, personnel, and sales.
  • 2+ years’ sales or other related management experience PLUS minimum of 3 years of multi-branch supervisory/management experience or equivalent.
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret common scientific and technical journals, financial reports, and legal documents.
  • Ability to respond to common inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, or members of the business community.
  • Ability to effectively present information to top management, public groups, and/or boards of directors.
  • Ability to negotiate with internal and external sources.
  • Knowledge of software programs, including Microsoft Word and Excel.