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Multiple Managers Needed for Building Materials Company

Multiple Managers Needed for Building Materials Company

Schaffer Associates is recruiting for multiple management positions for a growing building materials company in the Pacific Northwest. Store Managers will be responsible for managing a profitable store by successfully implementing and maintaining corporate policies, while Assistant Store Managers will be responsible for managing their assigned sales floor departments.  In order to achieve these goals, individuals must (1) continuously build the customer base; (2) grow competent store teams with excellent product knowledge and sales skills; (3) achieve the budgeted financial performance of the store; and (4) protect company assets. He or she must be a leader, organizer, and a problem solver who exhibits the highest standards of work ethics, honesty, fairness to both customer and company and leads by example.

It is essential that the Store Manager understands and responds to the customer/product/employee relationship and directs these towards developing an ever-increasing profitable sale base. Qualified candidates must also have a strong background in both retail and contractor sales. Core responsibilities will include: (1) Managerial responsibilities; (2) Store team development; (3) Sales, customer service and product knowledge; (4) Inventory and stock control; (5) Equipment utilization and safety; and (6) Asset protection and security.

For more information, contact Phillip Christofferson at or (704) 535-9939.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES & TASKS: (duties may vary depending on role as Store or Assistant Store Manager)

  1. Managerial Responsibilities
  • Manages to achieve targeted bottom line profits through achieving at or below budgeted results on all controllable expenses.
  • Develops and executes sales and promotion plans that will achieve budgeted sales goals.
  • Conducts frequent department head and periodic store meetings to ensure that all aspects of store operation are under control and are being properly and fully directed.
  • Promptly and privately counsels employees regarding inadequate performance or inappropriate behavior as required.
  • Knows the competition, what they’re selling and at what pric Conducts comparison shopping, reports the results and makes appropriate price adjustments to stay competitive.
  1. Store Team Development
  • Recruits, hires, and retains a positive, cheerful, customer-friendly, and product-knowledgeable store staff who operate as a team.
  • Trains new employees and cross-trains existing employees to achieve in-depth knowledge about the products in all departments.
  • Recognizes and intervenes to bring about prompt resolution of employee complaints and problems while keeping the Human Resources appraised of the problems and actions taken.
  1. Sales Service and Product Knowledge
  • Develops and maintains relationships with each customer segment served by his or her store to ensure full market development for each.
  • Recruits, trains, and retains a superior store team that has a strong customer-oriented perspective, a high level of product knowledge, strong sales skills, and high productivi
  • Implements promotions and merchandising plans to achieve budget sales and gross margin goals within each department.
  • Assists Corporate Buyers by making recommendations concerning their store’s local market in the areas of pricing, advertising, product selection, addition of new products, stocking levels and competitive conditions and reactions.
  1. Inventory and Stock Control
  • Manages inventory in a manner to maintain adequate quantities to meet in-stock goals for projected sales while achieving inventory turns g
  • Enforces prescribed ordering and stocking procedures.
  • Effectively manages receiving and stocking; safeguards inventory from damage and theft.
  • Establishes and maintains effective contacts with vendors.
  1. Equipment Utilization and Safety
  • Ensures that employees are trained in safe working procedures and equipment operations; maintains and stores all equipment in a clean, safe working condition with special emphasis on safety guards and devic
  • Ensures operators of fork lifts, trucks, and dangerous equipment are fully trained in the proper use and maintenance of the equipment and are held accountable for its safe operation.
  • Ensures that all store personnel have been adequately briefed on the proper storage, handling, and disposition of hazardous material; are knowledgeable in product specific safety measures; know the locations and operation of safety equipment; and know the location of the safety data sheets.
  1. Asset Protection and Security
  • Investigates the cause of all write-off Takes preventative actions to reduce write-offs in the future.  Approves write-offs or charges to the responsible employee in the case of negligence.
  • Ensures that employees receive continual training in detection and prevention of shop lifting, register scams and employee thef
  • Ensures that security doors and containers are properly locked, and security check points such as check out stations, gates, and exits are properly manned by attentive, trained, and trustworthy employees.
  • Fully complies with security and safety audits and standards.