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These are challenging times for companies looking to hire talented individuals.  For the first time in decades, there are more open jobs in America than there are people to fill them.  For executive leadership positions in particular, the delta between qualified individuals and the job openings for which they are needed has never been bigger.  This “talent gap,” along with

Overheard in Vegas: The 2018 National Hardware Show

  Last week, senior members of the Schaffer Associates team traveled to Las Vegas for the National Hardware Show.  They joined thousands of industry professionals from around the world at the 73rd installment of the Show, which showcased hundreds of new products from companies across all industry sectors.  And while it’s said that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,”

The 2018 National Hardware Show: It’s Almost Here!

Next week, Schaffer Associates and the rest of our industry will be Vegas-bound for the 2018 National Hardware Show.  Senior members of our team will join thousands of industry professionals on May 8-9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center to catch up on the latest trends, technology, and tools of the trade.  We’ll also be connecting with past, current, and

Hiring in a Full Employment Economy

Most economists agree that the Great Recession ended in 2009, thereby starting the national economy’s long road to recovery.  In more recent years, the economy has grown rapidly, with hundreds of thousands of jobs being added and large numbers of people going back to work.  As of March 2018, unemployment has fallen to 4.1%, its lowest point in 15 years. 

Looking Ahead to the 2018 National Hardware Show

Like many in our industry, Schaffer Associates is gearing up to attend the National Hardware Show (NHS) in Las Vegas next month.  Senior members of our team will join thousands of professionals on May 8-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center to explore and examine the latest trends, technology, and tools of the trade that are shaping our industry. Last