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Overheard in Orlando: Take-Aways from IBS/KBIS 2017

Overheard in Orlando: Take-Aways from IBS/KBIS 2017

Last week, Schaffer Associates joined thousands of industry professionals in Orlando, Florida for Design & Construction Week (DCW), which featured the International Builders Show (IBS) and the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).  Approximately 1,500 exhibitors attracted more than 80,000 people to the shows, constituting one of the largest turnouts in DCW history.  Other events like the Crystal Vision Award Breakfast were also very successful, highlighting the generosity of many organizations and the continued momentum within the industry.

As is often the case, new technology trends drove the conversation at IBS & KBIS.  Exhibitors put a clear emphasis on “smart home” products, reacting to a growing priority for American homebuyers.  The integration of mobile devices, web-based systems and content, and recognition/recollection technology into residential construction/design is leading the industry into the new year.  It was impossible to walk the show floor without noticing that technology is changing our industry every single day, as evidenced by the large social media footprint created by the shows during their three-day run.

As technology continues to move forward, so too does the economic momentum felt by most in the industry.  While some factors lag behind and national economic uncertainty hangs in the air, most show-goers were confident in the market and their place in it.  The new year presents challenges that should become opportunities for companies to succeed and expand in 2017.  Organizations are creating, innovating, building and selling new ideas and new products all over the world.  The ingenuity that helped our industry through the Great Recession has prepared us for what is expected to be a much brighter period.

These factors combined for an overwhelming theme from IBS and KBIS 2017:  it’s hiring time.  For companies of all shapes and sizes, everyone is looking to staff up at the senior level with talented individuals from industry backgrounds who can help lead their team.  The problem is finding those people.  During Design & Construction Week, we heard from many companies that have vacant senior positions because they simply can’t find the right candidate to fill the spot.  We are pleased that as a result of such discussions in Orlando, Schaffer Associates is now partnering with many of those companies to recruit the best individual for their team.  We’d like to do the same for you.

If you connected with us in Orlando, expect to hear from us soon.  If we didn’t see you there, please let us know if we can help you solve your staffing needs at the senior level.  As we learned from Design & Construction Week, it’s hiring time, and Schaffer Associates will help you HIRE SMART.

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