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Schaffer Associates:  Management Consulting for a Changing Industry

Schaffer Associates:  Management Consulting for a Changing Industry

When industry executive Jim Schaffer founded Schaffer Associates more than 25 years ago, he did so with the vision to provide high quality management consulting services, namely executive search and organizational strategies, to clients within the hardware, home improvement, and building products industries. Among Schaffer’s foremost goals was to engage in this new venture with integrity and the highest level of ethics. Additionally, he envisioned that the majority of the firm’s work would be centered around organizational strategies.  While Schaffer Associates has certainly excelled in the area of organizational strategies since 1992, our firm’s client base and the shortage of qualified labor experienced by our industry has generated a huge demand for the executive search services that the firm has become known for over the course of the last two decades.  Importantly, the need for those services points to an industry that is changing rapidly and forcing companies to reexamine their management and organizational strategies.

At its most basic level, Schaffer Associates exists to help our clients succeed.  Their success depends in large part on their employees, and how they manage those individuals and/or add to them.  At Schaffer Associates, before we talk about recruiting the most talented individuals to join a client’s team, we first discuss how we can help you manage your existing team more effectively and efficiently.  We advise our clients on questions of employment practices, staff development, supply chain, market competitiveness, large and small-scale systems integration, and plans of succession for company leadership.  “Management consulting” therefore serves as the umbrella under which most of our portfolio operates.

Schaffer Associates also provides deliverable results and expert advice on organizational strategies.  This service falls into two categories:  restructuring and reorganization, and testing and assessment.  As our industry continues to grow, companies must be agile enough to adapt.  Restructuring and/or reorganizing can be a crucial step in that process, and Schaffer Associates regularly helps clients build the right organization structure to succeed in a global marketplace.  To do so, we employ expert analysis to determine what methods our clients should undertake to create and maintain a competitive edge. Some of those methods may include our testing and assessment services, which allow clients to make personnel decisions based on data-driven insights.  For instance, our tools help our clients to predict if a candidate is right for a position and to measure their current employees’ potential.  These objective services provide in-depth information that can serve as a key advantage over market competitors.

It is an exciting but challenging time to maintain a successful organization in our industry.  Simply stated, our clients come to Schaffer Associates in search of tools that drive success.  For more than 25 years now, Schaffer Associates has first existed to provide management consulting for clients, and those services will continue to make the difference for organizations throughout the industry.  If your company could benefit from more effective management operations or a modernized organizational structure, call us today.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Schaffer Associates is a national management consulting firm specializing in executive search and organizational strategies for the hardware, home improvement, building materials, and consumer products industries. As the premier management consulting firm serving the industry, we help build organizations and leadership teams that foster corporate growth and success well into the future.

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