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Schaffer Associates: The Industry Experts

Schaffer Associates: The Industry Experts

These are challenging times for companies looking to hire talented individuals.  For the first time in decades, there are more open jobs in America than there are people to fill them.  For executive leadership positions in particular, the delta between qualified individuals and the job openings for which they are needed has never been bigger.  This “talent gap,” along with a roaring full-employment economy, has created one of the most competitive hiring climates we have ever seen.  It has also resulted in a greater need for firms that specialize in helping companies locate and hire those harder-than-ever-to-find individuals in the job market.  But it’s important for companies to know what they should keep in mind when looking for an executive search and recruiting firm – and why Schaffer Associates gets it right.

If an organization is thinking about using executive search to help navigate the hiring process, they should use a firm that has specific knowledge of the position in question.  If the recruiter doesn’t know the job and doesn’t have the relevant industry expertise to understand the position, they will undoubtedly present unqualified candidates.  This is a waste of the company’s time and will only put the employer further behind in the competitive process.  Schaffer Associates works hard to understand the job before we even begin the search, relying on our extensive industry experience at virtually every employment level.

It’s also paramount for a recruiting firm to be directly involved on a daily basis with the employer’s hiring manager and human resources team.  Such an involvement gives a recruiter an inside-view of the culture and values of the organization, giving them a better ability to evaluate the fit of potential candidates.  It also allows recruiters to better understand the nature of the open position by establishing consistent communication with the professionals most closely associated with the position itself.  Finally, it allows for a better working relationship between the employer and the firm, producing clearer expectations, attainable goals, and better outcomes.  For these reasons, Schaffer Associates gets involved in the details from the very beginning of a project and remains involved with hiring managers and their teams until the project is completed.

The most important traits to look for in an executive search and recruiting firm are industry knowledge and competitive experience.  Unfortunately, these are also the rarest of attributes in most recruiting firms today!  In our industry today, there is no substitute for experience.  Knowledge of the competitive environment, industry trends, employer networks, résumé buzz words, and countless other advantages only come with years of industry-specific experience.   Without it, you get less-qualified candidates and a much lower caliber of applicant-to-position compatibility.  To succeed in our industry’s competitive hiring environment, there’s no option but to go with the most experienced firm out there.  With over 175 years of combined industry experience, that’s Schaffer Associates.

If you have positions to fill, you need Schaffer Associates – the Industry Experts who know how to hire.  We hope you’ll call us today!

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